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Fischerstraße - Wiesbaden

HS.02 commissioned with detailed planning of a residential and office building ensemble The joint working group of Florack Bauunternehmung GmbH and Dreßler Bau GmbH has commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr...

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Bad Schönborn - New Residential Building

BPD Immobilienentwicklung GmbH, Stuttgart has commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner with the planning of a residential development in Bad Schönborn.

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Berlin - Carossa-Quartier

HS+G Planungsgesellschaft Berlin was commissioned to complete the master planning for the Carossa-Quartier in Berlin.

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Fischerstraße - Wiesbaden

Orion IV European 23 Sàrl commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner to design and plan two residential buildings and one office building to the west of the main railway station in Wiesbaden. The...

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Turnierstraße - Ingelheim

A private investor commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner to design and plan two multiplexes.

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Solmsstraße – Frankfurt City West

Wohnkompanie Rhein-Main GmbH has commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner to design and plan a multiplex in the west of Frankfurt’s centre. As part of urban densification, the entire office...

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Completion of the quay wall – IGEMET GmbH

Work on the quay beside Pichelssee lake in Berlin-Spandau has now been completed. Steel sheet piling of approx. 5.60 metres in height was installed along a stretch of around 67 metres and capped...

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Completion of the Henkell shop

The new Henkell shop was able to open just in time for the sparkling wine event hosted by Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG at its premises on Biebricher Allee in Wiesbaden. HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr...

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HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner wins façade competition in Ludwigsfelde near Berlin...

HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner participated in an invited competition launched by the town of Ludwigsfelde as part of its redevelopment project to create a new urban centre and was awarded...

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HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner participates in GWW Wiesbadener Wohnbaugesellschaft’s...

HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner participated in a multi-phase project for the “Senke” plot in the residential area on Waldstraße in Wiesbaden. Planning included 27 residences, of which a proportion...

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German Lighting Design Awards and Rigips Trophy

The Rheingau Palais planned and refurbished by HS.02 and the villa forming part of the ensemble were nominated for a German Lighting Design Award and conferred the Rigips Trophy for their competition...

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Sulzbach am Taunus

Swedish Construction and Property Development commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner to plan 76 units in Sulzbach am Taunus. The residences have mainly been developed according to the...

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Kelsterbach - Ten Brinke Wohnungsbau GmbH & Co. KG

Commissioned by Ten Brinke Wohnungsbau GmbH & Co. KG for 56 units in Kelsterbach. Kelsterbach An upscale complex has been developed for the multi-storey residences on Dahlienweg in Kelsterbach...

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Expopartner GmbH

Expopartner commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner to redesign its office space. The interplay of graphics and interior design is a discipline in itself. In-depth consideration of a...

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Langener Terrassen

In recent few months, a Swedish Construction and Property Development commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner for two further construction phases in Langen.  

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Winning Proposal - Rheinauer See - Mannheim

Swedish Construction and Property Development rewards winning designs for the project Rheinauer See - Mannheim HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner has been commissioned as one of four independent...

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Henkell und Co. Sektkellerei KG

Refurbishment of the reception area at Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei KG Visitors are welcomed with an embracing sweep upon entering the reception and waiting areas. Carefully coordinated colours...

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Completion of SGL Carbon in Wiesbaden

SGL Group officially inaugurates new headquarter Premier Volker Bouffier and Wiesbaden’s Mayor Dr. Helmut Müller welcome SGL’s decision for the location of Wiesbaden.

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Berlin-Adlershof - new ensemble with 52 Townhouses

"Gravity - Living on Campus" Sales launch of the "Gravity Townhouses", with private garages and large roof terraces in Berlin-Adlershof.

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New commission in Berlin

HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner has been commissioned with the design services for the project "Living on Campus" in Berlin-Adlershof. The project includes the construction of approximately...

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Completion of office space - Liliencarrée in Wiesbaden

The Liliencarrée GmbH i.I. Wiesbaden has commissioned HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner with the planning and implementation services for the improvement of office space of Interhyp dii + d.i.i....

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