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From the idea to the implementation and completion

With the following profile, we provide an overview of the current service our company offers.
With our interdisciplinary approach we provide target-oriented solutions for our clients which are characterized by practical and fast implementation.
We rely on our experience, which is maintained continuously with the latest technology, knowledge gained from research and qualified training.

New Buildings
New Buildings

Designing the future!
For HS.02 huthwelker.stoehr + partner's sustainability is more than just a word.
Responsible and sustainable construction can make a significant contribution to systematically reduce the resource consumption caused by buildings in Germany.
We understand that we carry the obligation to sensitize the society and to ensure that sustainable construction is necessary and possible.

Refurbishment and Upgrading
Refurbishment and Upgrading

Remember and cherish the old. Welcome the new!
Refurbishments include preserving or enhancing the value of existing buildings:
Maintenance, restoration, modernization (revitalization), conversions, extensions, reconstruction.
Renovation of energy-systems, conversion or extension, we fit the specific building characteristics to the individual needs of residents or users.
A modernization (revitalization) may include all known and necessary trades, just as with new buildings.

Project Development
Project Development

From the vision of urban planning to the actual implementation of a project idea!
Project developments are usually the design and creation of larger projects.
The project development is the sum of all investigations, business decisions, planning and other preparatory measures that are necessary or appropriate for buildings on one or more plots, or to prepare for other uses.

Project Management
Project Management

Keeping sight of the bigger picture – project management entails delegable supporting developer functions (in an external control capacity) that arise during the development, planning, realisation and commissioning of construction and investment projects. Within project management, we prepare qualified suggestions for solutions and decisions, propose adjustments, take care of the filing and documentation, provide impetus, advise, report, assess risks, and thus safeguard the client’s interests and goals within the construction project. As the client’s trustee, the project manager is also the advisor and assistant to bring all other parties involved in planning and construction together, as required.